Augmented Reality | Transformation of the New World

So, Hello and Welcome. In this post, I am going to talk about Augmented Reality. We will start from the basics to advance in this concept. So, without wasting time, let us get started on our post.

What is Augmented Reality?

Over the last decade, we learned a lot about Augmented Reality. So, let us discuss what it is and how it works first. Augmented Reality is a realistic and interactive experience of Computer & Reality.

This might be a bit confusing. But to clear your doubt, let’s take an example.

Example: – Augmented Reality is used in the Pokémon Go Game. Did you play this game yet? If Yes, it will be good for you; if not, do not worry; I will describe it.

In this game, we have to catch Pokémon; we need to step outside, and when we have a Pokémon in front of us, we need to click on the camera button available in-game. The most exciting thing is that when you click on the camera, you will see a Pokémon standing in that place. But if you know that area without a phone camera, you can not see a Pokémon because there is no Pokémon. So, how are we catching Pokémon in a phone camera? It is only because of Augmented Reality.

In basics, we can say that the mixing of things visible in computers and the natural world is called Augmented Reality.

How Can Augmented Reality Transform Real World?

Undoubtedly, AR will play an essential role in transforming the real world. It will be going to play some crucial tasks in the future. Below we have discussed some studies that AR will do in the future.

Gaming Experience: – AR will transform how we play games. Today we traditionally play games on our Mobile, PC, or Console Screen using touch and joystick. Did you even think, what if we can play games in which we can transform the real world into a pre-made fantastic playable world?

Replacing User Manuals: – If we buy any product, we will get a manual. In the future, we might get manuals AR Packed.

Online Visualisation of Products Before Buying: – Now, we only depend on photos and videos when we buy any online product. In the future, we might be able to fully pre-visualize the products before buying using AR.

Part in Communication: – In the future, we might be able to communicate with others better using AR as superheroes do in Avengers Movies.

And much more……………………

Augmented Reality VS Virtual Reality

You might think that AR & VR are the same, but there is a little difference. AR adds digital elements to live view, whereas VR implies a complete impression & experience that shuts out the real world.

In this modern world, we can find many examples of Augmented Reality. We will discuss several examples and usage of Augmented Reality in this post.

  1. Augmented Reality Glasses: – AR is used in glasses(specs) to add digital visualization while wearing them. When you wear these glasses, you will see the world differently from the original one. Example = Tony Stark uses AR detailed specs in the movie Iron Man, allowing him to analyze several things he needs to.
  2. Augmented Reality in Education: – AR is being and will be in Education. Through AR, educators can improve their learning outcomes by increasing engagement and interactivity.
  3. Augmented Reality in Healthcare: – AR can become a lifesaver in the healthcare sector. With AR, patients can describe their symptoms more clearly. AR also helps in surgery. The surgeon digitally lays the patient’s scans over their body through the mask they wear, allowing them to see precisely where they need to make an incision and what areas to work.
  4. Augmented Reality for Business: – For retail organizations, AR offers a path for clients to attempt items before they purchase. For instance, Sephora has an application that lets clients perceive how their cosmetics items will look, and Wayfair utilizes AR to show clients how furniture will glance in their homes.
  5. Augmented Reality in Real Estate: – In real estate, AR lets potential buyers tour a property via their smartphones regardless of their location, which will help them to finalize their decision. Even using AR, they can take a deeper look at the sites.
  6. Augmented Reality Python: – Currently, Python is the world’s most emerging and popular programming language in many fields like AI and ML. Augmented Reality is a minor part of AI coded in this language. This programming language provides and supports thousands of libraries that can-do specific tasks.
  7. Augmented Reality in Army: – Augmented Reality (AR) is supporting military forces to evolve MRO using superimposing digital records, like step-through-step service instructions, into a user’s real-world view—to pick out carrier desires in 3D. For navy forces suffering from asset readiness, AR offers three beautiful advantages.


If we say AR is the brother of Virtual Reality, then it will not be considered incorrect. Augmented Reality is going to change the world in the upcoming years. This sector will also be going to provide more jobs to people. AR is going to change the gaming experience completely. Players will be able to play a pre-made virtual world. It is also helping our army. With this, our military can analyze opponents more clearly.

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